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Jassy's BIO

JJ’s One Girl Band – a YouTube channel started in 2011 which marked the beginning of Jassy's musical journey!


Having started to play guitar back in 2010 Jassy recorded herself early on simply to observe mistakes while practicing. Getting more interested in the recording process, she started posting her first instrumental cover videos on YouTube in late 2011. 


Being completely self-taught Jassy also shares some tips and advice about learning guitar for her community, inspiring people to pick up this instrument - boys and girls alike.

In 2015 Jassy's cover of “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica gained huge popularity. It also marked a major turning point in her personal career.

After having played in several hobby bands with friends - LOT, diSance, If Lucy Dies, Appleb*tch Avenue (emphasizing on HOBBY band 😉) and Notstrom - she joined her first serious band project in December 2017 with Oversense.

In 2018 Jassy reached some personal milestone in her yet young career: two bands she looked up to, discovered and shared some of her guitar covers: Disturbed and Equilibrium - both providing incredible feedback about her playing abilities.

In live music context Doro Pesch asked for Oversense to play as support act for her Germany tour in winter 2018. Playing 13 shows in total together with the metal queen herself was quite the experience.


2019 was in full focus to record the second Oversense album. It’s also the first album where Jassy contributed her own ideas for songs as well as contributing all lead guitar parts – a very special milestone!


While graduating as a mathematics and physics teacher at a German “Gymnasium” (equivalent to high school), Jassy had to take a forced break on her social media channels.

In 2020 Jassy got fully endorsed by Ibanez and ENGL, two renowned brands that believe in her potential.

On January 19th 2020 Equilibrium invited Jassy to play their most famous song "Blut Im Auge" live together with them and Jan Hillrichs (Nailed To Obscurity) on drums at Schlachthof Wiesbaden where she managed to capture the experience in a YouTube video.


During the pandemic Jassy worked hard to pursue her dream to become a full-time musician. 

In September 2021 the second Oversense record "Egomania" was released, reaching #1 in the German Alternative Music Charts, giving the band the opportunity to go on European Tour with Manticora and Oddland in May 2022.

In August 2022 Jassy announced getting self-employed, having stopped teaching at school, and focusing on her music projects as well as on her Social Media channels.

Her livestreams on YouTube gained huge popularity as she not only performs rehearsed songs - originals and covers alike - but also showcasing the learning process on guitar by constantly getting challenged to learn new songs she never heard of.

In her "Musician Time " series on YouTube she discusses guitar and music related topics together with well-know musicians such as Björn Gelotte from In Flames or Simon Johansson and Sylvain Coudret from Soilwork.

Jassy joined the Heavy Metal band ALL FOR METAL in March 2023, having played at huge festivals like Metalfest Pilsen and Rockharz Germany. 

After 5,5 years - in June 2023 - Jassy and Oversense decided to part ways due to different musical and personal aims in their individual careers. Their last show together took place at (TBA).


On July 7th ALL FOR METAL's debut album "Legends" was released via AFM Records, reaching #51 in the German Album Charts.

The band will still play at WACKEN, ROCK OUT & KNOCK OUT FESTIVAL this year as well as getting on tour as special guest for Windrose (see tour dates).  Don't miss out to catch a live show!

During her 13 years of guitar playing Jassy managed to gain a total social media following of 429.000 people supporting her journey.


Oh you kept scrolling? 😉 Then off we go with some personal and less formal facts, shall we? 

I got a strong connection to music already at the age of 2 when I got some cassettes of my father featuring all the oldies from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Mungo Jerry, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch, The Sweet and many more. 

Besides music I love playing video games. I count the Borderlands, Prince Or Persia, The Witcher, Silent Hill and Mass Effect Franchises to my personal favorites. Besides metal I have a weakness for some techno and swing music. Scooter has been the first band I was a fan of before the guitar madness began. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven introduced me to Django Reinhardt and to hot rod cars. Old cars have much more character in my honest opinion.

I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones and Back To The Future trilogy and I am guilty of having a small DeLorean collection - Lego, Playmobil, miniature - Great Scott! 

If you stumbled across my cringeworthy videos on YouTube: yes I don't take myself too seriously. 😉

And if you ask me what I would have changed on YouTube now as I look back: the red lipstick... It made me look like the Joker every time I smiled. Gross. And the single fishnet leggings - people can be gross, too.

Besides that the old videos are cringeworthy per se, as you get focused much more when aging. That's a plus haha.

I love to cook, to draw and to read books. Sometimes it frustrates me that the day doesn't have more than 24 hours. 

Hanging around with my friends is always quality time and we get some stupid ideas every now and then - like getting too much furniture from Ikea for some friends who moved and then playing tetris in my car's trunk.


I cannot image a life without concerts. The magic and energy happening there among all the people makes me feel truly alive.

Which is why I am always up for a chat before or after some shows of my own band projects. Come say hi, I don't bite 😜

Alexi Laiho (rest in peace), Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Eddie Van Halen and Synyster Gates are guitarists/musicians I look up to among many others that are truly inspirational. Children Of Bodom was the band that introduced me to metal music making melodic death metal my personal favorite genre. My favorite bands? Check my livestreams 🤗 


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