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Jassy's BIO

JJ’s One Girl Band – a YouTube channel started in 2011 which marked the beginning of my musical journey!


I started to play guitar back in 2010 and somehow got the idea to record myself to see what mistakes I make while practicing. Getting more interested into recording, my first instrumental cover videos appeared on YouTube in late 2011. Being a rather shy person I preferred those videos to be karaoke videos with the songs’ lyrics.

However, my best friend encouraged me to show myself in my videos. Which kind of marked the true beginning of my guitar cover videos that I still do today!

Being completely self-taught I also share some tips about learning guitar for my community. My videos are there to inspire people to pick up this instrument, since it’s so much fun to play guitar!

In 2015 my channel started to grow as my cover of “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica gained a huge popularity. It also marked a major turning point in my attitude towards this channel and guitar playing in general, because I got the feeling I could actually reach something!

And one thing happened that I dreamt of for quite some time in december 2017: I finally joined a cool band with amazing people – OVERSENSE.

2018 has been a year far more crazy. Two bands I love listening to discovered and shared some of my guitar covers: Disturbed and Equilibrium! As if this wasn’t a huge honor alone, Doro Pesch asked for my band to play as support act for her Germany tour in winter 2018. Playing 13 shows in total together with her was maybe the best time of my life! Touring with my own band, enjoying to play live in front of awesome crowds – what else can you ask for?


2019 has been a year full of recording for the next Oversense record. It’s also the first album where I contributed my own ideas for songs – a very special milestone! While graduating as a maths and physics teacher at a German “Gymnasium” (equivalent to high school), I got rather inactive on my channel.

2020 however started as a total bomb! I got an offical endorsement deal with two brands I absolutely love – Ibanez and ENGL! If someone would have told me that I would get this far with playing guitar when I started… I wouldn’t have believed it. Back at Wacken 2019 I met the guys from Equilibrium and they offered me to play “Blut Im Auge” live together with them at a future show – which happened on January 19th 2020. Currently we try to get a label with Oversense so that we can finally start our real musical journey!



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